My name is Thearout Chey, I am a coordinator of Coconut  Water Foundation. I am 29 years old and I live in the village of Wat Ro Ka, municipality of Omal, district of Battambang, Cambodia.

I have been married for more than 3 years and have a daughter of one and a half year old.

I am a university graduate since 2014. I mainly studied the agronomy and since this date I work with Coconut Water Foundation.

From September, 2014 until November, 2015 I was a social educator. In December 2015, I got promoted to the position of team leader educator. Then, from July 2016 up to this day, I am a manager hotel fling the position of coordinator of Coconut Water Foundation.


During the first week, I did not have a lot of work and I even wanted to stop because I felt like being useless. 

However, there is not much work in the rural regions so I decided to keep working for only one month.


Finally, after this first week, I began to feel good with the children, the poor families and in the rural public schools. 

I actually keep them profoundly in my heart, and it changed me to find out how to help them. 

I made a commitment, which is that as long as I work for the foundation, I will keep on trying to do my best to save them. They really need help and support.


Thank you so much to Coconut Water Foundation, Eau de Coco, Agua de Coco and the network of Eau de Coco. They gave me the chance to learn a lot of things and they taught me many things I would not know otherwise.


Eau de Coco and its network are like a god for the Khmers people, and so they are for me!