My name is Sileuk, and I’m a twenty-two year old students. I live in Bachchan village, located in the community of Prek Presh sdach in Battambang city, Cambodia.


What is the name of your school or University?

I Study in the University of Battambang.


What year are you in and which major are you studying? Do you like it?

I’m in my second year and my major is Information Technology. Yes, I do like it, because it’s an interesting and modern subject.  As you know this generation is the generation of technology, everyone used technology to communicate, work and make business


When do you study –weekdays or weekend?

I study weekdays in the morning. Because I got a scholarship from Government, and my University requireds me to study during the week. If I wanted to do change my schedule, I would have to change my major too, because there are no Information Technology classes on weekends. I have no choice.


What do you do on the weekend? Do you have English class? Where?

Sometimes I visit my parents in their hometown I help them with their work and I help my sisters with Mathematics. I don’t go to English class because I have lessons during the week in the Porvil pagoda.


Do you take extra computing lessons? If so, why?

Yes, I do, because my University requires me to have computer skills. On the other hand, my major is closely related to Computing and if I do not study hard I could fail my exams and in my future too.


What do you want to be in the future and why?

In the future I want to be an expert in Information Technology. I think it is a subject that can help me to find a good job easier than other.


How did you learn about Coconut Water Foundation (CWF)? Why did you choose Coconut Water to volunteer?

I have known my teacher who teaches me at center and she was an employee of CWF. She introduced me to the organisation. It caught my interest and I asked for a CWF contact to volunteer there. I think that CWF is a good NGO which truly works to alleviate poverty and give opportunities to Children and new hopes. So I believed that CWF will accept me to volunteer. I want to learn new things, how to work with you,  and share my knowledge with the children and their families.


What are your strong points for CWF to accept you as a volunteer?

My strong points are my studies and my computer skills, which are useful for Computer workshops, my English is not so bad, and I’m good at communicating with children and other people.


How long will you attend with CWF?

I would be a volunteer for 3 months.


What do you expect to take from your experience with CWF?

I hope to learn new things,how to work closely with the people, and get a certificate.


Do you have any messages for CWF?

I would like CWF to continue with its work forever.