#solidarigrafy is the art of rewriting reality through different sorts of solidarity acts. It can also be understood as the character traits of an individual or collective when acting in a responsible and generous way towards others.

2017/2018: Support SCHOOLING CAMPAIGN from poor children lived in the South of Madagascar and in Cambodia.


Project presentation

For several years, the members of Coconut Water Network like NGO Bel Avenir in Madagascar, Coconut Water in Cambodia, in France and Spain mobilized at the beginning of the school year to inscribed 1,700 children from slums in the South of Madagascar and Cambodia.

Indeed, $ 10 allows to inscribed a child during one year in a partner school near to his home, providing all his school material (notebook, book, pen …), paid an educator to follow him during the year and proposed if it’s necessary a school support. Some of these children will benefit a daily meal.
The 2017 schooling campaign reminds us of the positive impacrt that having access to an education had in our lives, opening the doors to more opportunities in the future.

Those of them who show motivation and attendance at school are accompanied in the long term.

During september and october, our objective is to collect the sum of $ 7,500 for the schooling of 750 children (the rest will be collected by Coconut Water Spain).

For this, we need you because with $ 10 we can enroll 1 child throughout the school year 2017/2018 .


Origin of the project

Today in southern of Madagascar, 3 out of 4 children are inscribed in school, 1 of 2 students doesn’t complete the primary cycle and more than 20% of children aged 5 to 14 work.

This situation is linked to many obstacles which make regular schooling difficult :

– Very high cost of school equipment

– Daily fatigue due to malnutrition,

– Absenteeism due to diseases (malaria, diarrhea …),

– Large numbers per class (average of 80 students per class),

– Old teaching staff, difficult recruitment of young teachers (unattractive salary for the level of training requested),

– Educational institutions lacking means (equipment, documents, computer and canteen).

Faced to this situation, Coconut Water has decided to act directly with children in Madagascar but also in Cambodia where the situation is quite similar.

So we need you, your support is fundamental !!!

What will the money be used for (Goal : $ 7,500) ?

5% of the collected money will for the campaign expenses, the rest will be dedicated to :

Action 1: Schooling 1,700 destitute children (school fees),

Action 2: Give to these children school supplies (notebook, pen, chalk, slate …),

Action 3: Follow each child and offer tutoring if necessary,

Action 4: Training teachers and provide schools with the necessary teaching materials,

Action 5: Offer students a meal per day in school canteens,

Action 6: Support training in breeding and agriculture in specialized school.


How to give ?


You have Two solutions :


          By Paypal or a Credit Card                                                                                   By the crowdfunding web site HelloAsso

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