With your support, we will be able to implement these urgent measures in the largest possible number of schools and hospitals in southern Madagascar.

How can you support our emergency campaign?

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The current situation in Madagascar:
Since the beginning of August, the plague is spreading in Madagascar, mainly in the capital and in the port cities. The plague is an endemic disease in the country, with about 400 cases diagnosed every year. However, this year it has rapidly affected large urban areas, which increases the risk of transmission. This makes the number of cases higher than expected at this time of year.

(*) 1297 cases have been recorded as of October 26, 2017, the majority being cases of pulmonary plague. Although 920 patients have been cured and discharged, but 151 of them are still under treatment and 126 people have died. (*) Data from the Ministry of Public Health of Madagascar (available in French only).

The plague is a disease like any other, and it can be cured.

The plague is associated to poverty. It spreads in environments with poor hygiene conditions and insufficient health services. It is deadly if not treated, but it can be cured with the appropriate antibiotics if they are administered quickly. The plague is transmitted mainly through the bites of fleas infected by rats (bubonic plague), but also by air from one person to another (pulmonary).

Why is the Coconut Water network taking emergency action?
The Coconut Water program in Madagascar benefits over 30,000 disadvantaged children in two southern regions: Atsimo Andrefana (Tulear) and Haute Matsiatra (Fianarantsoa). As a responsible and committed actor, Coconut Water has the duty to limit the risks faced by its beneficiaries in compliance with the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Malagasy health authorities, as well as to implement preventive, emergency measures.

Emergency action taken

These are the measures taken for the sake of our beneficiaries and schools located in our areas of work:
Prevent and inform:
– Printing and distributing informative posters and leaflets from the Malagasy Ministry of Health about the plague and how it spreads in public places (cost for each location: €15)
– Informing people of what to do to prevent the spread out of the disease (training costs: €20)
Limit the risks:
– Eliminating fleas and rats every two weeks from premises that host children (cost per premise: €150)
– Limiting children access to areas posing risk of contamination (taxi-brousse stops, markets…)
Reinforcing health care:
– Responding to the population health care needs.
We will report on the evolution of the epidemic and the actions taken with your support.