Coconut Water Foundation sets up scholarships for the children of disadvantaged families

This is largely to provide the necessary equipment for a school year for these children but we also follow records of attendance and academic achievement, and we meet regularly with their families to share the importance of education with them. Personalized support for each child is led by two teachers of the NGO: Thearout and Sinoun. The goal is to ensure the academic success of these students.

One hundred children aged 7-15 years receive these scholarships. This figure includes 59 girls and 41 boys. They come from three different cities (Watkor, Kdol and Omar) and seven villages. It is important to maintain the link between benefited schools and Coconut Water Foundation: children benefited by scholarships study in 6 schools with which the NGO cooperates: Beong Reng, Kdol, Dak Sor Sor, Balang, Watroka and Chong Prek.

The goal of this program is to educate children from disadvantaged backgrounds and to fight against the rate of school dropout.