The Bloco Malagasy will start a 30-day Asian tour in several locations in Cambodia and Thailand, where the girls will be able to visit the places where we operate. They will spend February and March among drums and performances, offering a unique show under the banner “Standing up for women empowerment”. The tour seeks to empower girls and young women from the poorest neighbourhoods in southern Madagascar and reclaim their empowerment in the world.

This tour is a cultural activity through which these girls express their artistic talent to send a message of solidarity, and therefore contributing to our projects in their country. This initiative is founded on universal values ​​such as respect, solidarity, human rights and gender equality.

The Bloco Malagasy tour is also part of our Intercultural Exchange program taking place in Cambodia. We are looking forward to seeing the girls perform and share their energy and their culture in another continent. Would you like to see them in action? Visit our Facebook page, Twitter or Youtube channel! We wish them all the strength in the world so that they enjoy this unique opportunity. Go, Bloco Malagasy!


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