Beating the drum

The Bloco Malagasy is preparing for their third music tour in South East Asia “Beating the drum for responsible tourism”. Ten percussionists will perform in Cambodia and Thailand from February to March 2016.

The girls will be promoting cultural exchanges between civil society organisations, art groups and tourist operators, who all encourage tourism that respects the rights for women and children, natural resources, traditions etc.

The group will organise their 30 day tour throughout Cambodia in places such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang. In Thailand they will tour in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, where there will be parades, concerts and work shops.

The percussionists will benefit as they have the opportunity to promote Malagasy craftwork, go on cultural visits and promote responsable tourism with the support of a comic book and an animated film “Tongasoa and the vazaha”.