One of the missions that Coconut Water has set for itself is to promote gender equality. That is why, in 2014, Coconut Water formed a women’s football team with students from a primary school in Kdol. We also provide our team the necessary sports equipment.

The team consists of 22 girls aged 8-14 years. The training takes place within the school in Kdol twice a week. The person responsible for the training is a sports coach who is a beneficiary of an educational sport program launched by our partner SALT ACADEMY, an organization present in Battambang.

Every second Sunday of the month for the regular season and the indoor football season, two tuktuks travel to the villages to look for young players and take them to the Battambang airport (which is no longer in service) to play a game with the regional U-18 league.

Our goal is to encourage school attendance with a sport but also to convey a message to help eliminate the social and cultural stereotypes which often place women in disadvantaged circumstances.