What are you exactly, an association, an NGO…?

We are a Spanish foundation for cooperation and as a national foundation our register number is 18/0079. We are inscribed in all  required registers (AECID, AACI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, etc.).

And how can I help? Can I send clothes or some present to Madagascar or Cambodia?

Due to its geographical location, sending goods to Madagascar is very costly. The cost of sending something is usually higher than buying it there.

Besides, if we shop in impoverished countries, we boost the local economy. This is why we try to send only what is necessary and can’t be found on the island.

So, how can I really help?

We constantly foster economic sustainability. The large number of Coconut Water members allows the projects to be sustainable. That is why it is essential to be a member.

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How can I help as a volunteer?

If you want to support Coconut Water with volunteering:


How do I know my donation reaches its destination?

One of Coconut Water’s priorities is transparency. Coconut Water’s accounts are subject to an audit by Ernst and Young every year.

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