What we do

Development cooperation at international level

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The area of International Cooperation develops projects in Madagascar – areas of Tulear and Fianarantsoa- and in the district of Battambang in Cambodia.

Raising public awareness

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It is necessary to understand that in a globalised and interconnected world, all human beings share responsibility for the causes of the inequalities in disadvantaged areas.

Coconut Water’s work in Spain aims at spreading awareness to fight child exploitation and to defend the rights of the child.

For this reason, we created the Namana Programme – twinning of schools-, organise Malgasy Gospel tours and launch awareness campaigns.

Creating and sharing networks

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Coconut Water Foundation is actively working with the International Network of Coconut Water, which it founded, and with other organisations in France, Andorra, Switzerland, Madagascar and Cambodia.

The main objectives of cooperating with other organisations are to analyse reasons, to improve our work, to share our experiences and to communicate more effectively. What we would like to achieve is to change the behaviour of our beneficiaries. We believe that education is the driving force of development.