Coconut Water participates in networks and collaborates with different national and international organisations:

Advisory committees

The advisory committees are groups of relevant people from several fields of society who advise and counsel Coconut Water in the implementation of our projects of development cooperation, to improve the quality of our work. Currently, we have:

  • The Committee on the Environment
  • The Wellness Committee

The partners

The partners are our basis,  which allow us to perform a stable work, with autonomy and independence. Thanks to this regular income, we can plan strategies and medium-to long-term projects, making long-lasting and responsible operations.

Furthermore, it allow us to work with independence from political and economical policies, helping where its necessary, without feeling the pressure of the authorities.

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Coconut Water Organisation


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It is the governance body, the Foundation representative and the responsible of the good management of the entity. It is composed by:

  • José Luis Guirao Piñeyro, President
  • Francisco A. Pérez Rubio, Secretary
  • Isabel Guirao Piñeyro, Chairperson
  • Maria Luisa Sevillano Santamaría, Chairperson
  • Gerardo Gomez García, Chairperson
  • Stephane Hamouis, Chairperson

The technical team

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  • José Luis Guirao – Development cooperation
  • Eva Rodríguez – Management
  • Isabel García – Management and donor management
  • Estíbaliz Guillén – Events and volunteering
  • Vanessa Anaya – Communication
  • Raúl Martín  – Projects manager
  • Guillermo Serrano – Namana project manager
  • Jaime Esteban – Awareness and fundraising
  • Adolfo Rolo – Accountability and finances
  • Olga Francés – Administration and accountability

Work with us


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More than 80 people work actively in the campaigns, events and awareness raising activities; all of them coordinated by the representative of:

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