We deal with education, social inclusion and the environment

These are the three key areas of intervention

  • Because they tackle the serious problems of the most disadvantaged communities in the areas where we work.
  • Because we achieve our goal: improving the living conditions of the socially excluded. Among those, we pay special attention to the child and their family.
  • Because our skills and our experience in those areas are highly valued.

Areas of intervention


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  • The main purpose of education is to fight child labour. We help children to attend school and we help the school system by trying to provide useful, sustainable quality education.
  • We give scholarships to children
  •  We provide educational support for public schools and private ones: mobile library, mobile cinema, educational outings and stays, school cinema.
  • We fight child labour .
  • We raise awareness about the rights of children.
  • We carry out cultural and sport activities for young people.

Social inclusion

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  • Improve the health care and the living conditions of mothers in impoverished families
  • Fight against teenage pregnancy and teen prostitution
  • Support the economic development of impoverished families
  • Promote the respect of children’s rights
  • Promote women’s rights and democratic life
  • Fight against malnourishment and promote health education (basic hygiene, reproductive and sexual health care)


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  • Young adult education in enhanced farming techniques
  • Awareness about environmental respect
  • Ecosystem rehabilitation
  • Fauna and flora preservation