In 2010, Coconut Water created a network -the international network Coconut Water- with common values and points of action. This network, with subsidiaries in Spain, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Cambodia and Madagascar intends to encourage networking, south-south cooperation and to give more sustainability to its local counterparts.

Where are we?


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Coconut Water has been working on the island since 1997 on integral development projects. The main focus of our innovative programme is education.

Our work evolves around three main areas:

Fighting against child labour by opening and managing schools in areas without state schools, and by giving pedagogical support to existing schools in other places.

Providing children with complementary inclusive education, with a special focus on the environment.

Social support to children through their family. These comprehensive projects have health, social and nutritional components.


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This is where we got started In 1994. “The House of Coconut Water” was founded here. Its main objective was to protect children in non-developed countries by helping their families.
The first project dealt with the social rehabilitation of homeless families in Battambang.
Nowadays, Coconut Water has a technical office in Battambang which carries out educational projects in coordination with the local and provincial government.
Currently, our work specialises in gender and development, gender mainstreaming and governance.


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Coconut Water activity in the northern countries is centered on raising awareness and promoting cooperation between countries, people and cultures.

Programmes such as Namana – twinning between schools – are based on an exchange of experiences through the arts. Each participant’s submission keeps the project growing.

We have projects like Malagasy Gospel, a Gospel choir of Malagasy girls of poor areas. They tour Europe singing about children’s rights.